Inflammation Proclamation

What is inflammation and why it is important to your longevity?


Written by Janice Messino of Create Health

When I started to connect the dots between diet, lifestyle, chronic inflammation, and disease, I felt inspired to take control of my health.  Why?  Because our daily choices in our diet and lifestyle create our health, and inflammation is a big part of that.

Over the past five years I have improved what goes into my grocery cart, and my mind.  I have moved from a more stressful life, both physically and emotionally, to a more balanced existence with plant based nourishment, lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.  I have also chosen inner growth and consciously living and breathing.  

How to start connecting the dots in your life?  We will start by clarifying our understanding of inflammation since they play separate roles in our life.  Then we will cover ways to reduce inflammations effect on our health.

What is inflammation?

Acute Inflammation is your body’s natural and helpful response to tissues damage.  When you cut yourself it swells, reddens, and feels inflamed.  These are signs your body is busy sending white blood cells to the site of the injury, to repair damaged tissue.  At this stage inflammation is very important to our well-being.  An increasing body of evidence shows that chronic inflammation causes and advances many common diseases.

Chronic Inflammation:  The body’s over compensating immune response to a plenitude of environmental, and dietary, assaults.  Chronic disease is driven by inflammation, and there is more and more evidence showing the chronic inflammation causes and advances many common diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer ’s disease.

Some of the causes of inflammation:


Poor dietary choices:  Standard American Diet (SAD) sugar, processed foods, excess alcohol, certain unhealthy omega 6 fats

Chronic infections:  Bacteria, yeast, viruses, parasites

Gut health:  Bad bacteria, food sensitivities,

There are other causes of inflammation.  Please don’t take inflammation lightly – it is a killer.

What is an anti-inflammatory diet?

To overcome chronic low – grade inflammation, have a diet rich in omega 3’s, (EPA and DHA).  Always choosing to eat protein when eating other foods to combat a blood sugar rise which is a big instigator of chronic inflammation.  Colorful non- starchy vegetables are full of polyphenols to also help inhibit inflammation.  Calorie restriction is also advised for longevity.  A diet with 40% protein, 30% complex carbohydrates and 30% healthy fats, 40:30:30 diet is recommended from the National Institute of Health as the proportions of macro and micro nutrients.  This might seem overly simplistic, but it is that simple to have good health, remember inflammation is no joke.


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Wrestling Champion or Super Hero?

Sunny the California Girl

What makes a superhero? Do they all have to encounter crisis, be shockingly injured, and from that wound arise with a strength that exceeds all other humans’ capabilities? If that is the definition of a superhero, then Patrisha Summerland is definitely a super hero.

patricia summerland (1)

I must confess as I was preparing to interview Patrisha (aka Sunny the California Girl) Summerland, one of the original GLOW girls (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) I was filled with old-fashioned intimidation and (ashamedly) a little envy. Here was a woman so articulate, polished, and beautiful in her fifties that she makes the rest of us aging boomers, who avoid the mirror like a bill collector, feel a little gypped. I know, shame on me but hey, if you cut me, do I not bleed? Why does this woman get to not only retain her striking looks and gorgeous physique, but actually get more beautiful with time?

Super Powers aren’t for Sissies

Her story is truly compelling. On the surface, Patrisha (Trisha) had it all: amazing athleticism, stunning looks, a warm and engaging personality, and television success. But underneath, the genesis of her superpowers were forged in the fires of intimate partner violence, stalking, kidnapping, familial dysfunction, and rape.  This amazingly gifted woman endured these challenging issues all the while keeping her career afloat and staying in peak athletic shape. Concurrently, she also sustained life-altering injuries on the job, such as broken bones and concussions.


After talking with Trisha Summerland, I think I discovered her superpowers and her fountain of youth. Her superpowers are resiliency and strength of character. Her fountain of youth is a radiant beauty that comes from within. She is not only totally committed to empowering women, but she also fearlessly shares her story of familial suicide and abandonment and intimate partner and sexual violence in the hopes of helping other women encountering similar circumstances. Trisha is almost single-handedly knocking victim stigma right out of the ring.   Wrestling is actually the least of her superpowers. Not to minimize her career in wrestling—because that, too is remarkable—but her journey of trauma recovery and women’s empowerment is where her strength of character truly distinguishes her from the rest of us mere mortals.

Powers for the Good


This is not a woman who is easily vanquished. And like any great superhero, she uses her powers for the good. Trisha has taken her dark experiences and shined a light on them to help others.  She provides motivating and moving speaking tours for young women and has one of the most (forgive the cliché) sunny dispositions I have encountered. She is generous to a fault; hence, the interview with a startup podcast in order to help the Green Ink Radio team move forward.

Great news: Trisha is working on her memoir (what I have described thus far is only a snapshot of the challenges and extraordinary life events she has encountered and overcome). A movie is already in the pipeline and it’s going to be fascinating. Her astonishing experiences and how elegantly she has handled these challenges are truly remarkable. Trisha is a shining example of what a trailblazer can do for the hidden reality of many woman’s lives. She entered a man’s world—wrestling—and her unique and engaging performances helped catapult the GLOW Girls to seven million viewers weekly. Trisha and the GLOW Girls outshone the male wrestlers by several million spectators each week!  These athletic, brave women broke barriers and kicked ass! After meeting Trisha, I can totally understand why their current fan base keeps growing to over the tens of thousands. Trisha and the rest of the team are inspirational on so many fronts. I’m so honored to be able to interview Trisha and other members of this group of fearless barrier breakers.


Trisha is a true superhero of epic proportions.  Personally, I have discovered that she is kind and generous beyond measure. She is the type of person you would want beside you in battle—or in the ring. And her story is far from over. Her courage, kindness, strength, and big-bigheartedness continues to inform her journey. As Batman used to say: Kapow!