Gail Doy is a Kick Butt Medium

16299232_1251289894939857_3140557282697997808_nGail Doy, Spiritual Medium 

I found Gail Doy on Twitter. I chanced upon her tweet and something in her face, her energy, called to me and compelled me to message her and ask if she would be interested in being interviewed for Tag, You’re It on Green Ink Radio. It was an impetuous and bold move I had never done before. Surprisingly, and with no additional prompting, she said yes! And within one phone call and a technically-derailed interview, we became friends. There was an instant, easy familiarity between us that makes one think that certain connections are not happenstance.

To my embarrassment and frustration, the first time we were to interview, my computer and the Skype recording software went AWOL. I had experienced this only once before with Kadrolsha Ona, Queen of the Paranormal. Kadrolsha was very kind and nonchalant about it. Apparently, she explained, intuitive energy workers jam up technology all the time. That alone should lend credibility to their abilities. But oh, there’s so much more!

Gail Solves a Fifty Year Family Mystery

While Gail and I were chatting and my technology was running scared, Gail suddenly said, “There’s someone here that wants to talk with you. Are you okay with this?” Hell, yeah! Mom? Mom, are you there? Mmmmooooooommmm? No Mom. Nary a peep.

My sister, who is a little clair-pain-in-the-ass-ant herself, later told me that she kept having sightings of her at slot machines that weekend while in Atlantic City. That is so my mother—gambling instead of talking with her daughter! So, while my mom was blowing me off to gamble with my sister, the grandfather I barely knew came to visit.

He passed away when I was five. I remember the day he died vividly, my mother receiving the phone call, crying out, her knees buckling out from underneath her, her slow motion slide to the ground in a boneless puddle of shock and grief, her agony of sorrow slashed across her face and indelibly imprinted on my child’s brain for the eternity of this lifetime.

My virtual stranger of a grandfather’s message was one of love. He had been and continues to watch over me my entire life (that may explain a lot of my bonehead near misses). She said he was insistent that he wanted me to know that he had an excruciating pain across his forehead. He kept showing her his forehead and Gail began to feel extreme pain in that area. He had died suddenly in his yard when he was 60 years old and no one knew the cause of death. We had always assumed a heart attack or an aneurysm. It looks like it must have been either an aneurysm or a massive stroke.

She also said there was something wrong with his stomach. My mother enjoyed sharing the story of how my grandfather was plagued with ulcers and cured himself when she was young the old Spanish way (he was from Spain) with raw garlic. And during the time of the natural treatment, he reeked of garlic. It came out of every pore. Garlic being a natural antibiotic, the Spaniards were centuries ahead of modern medicine. Stinky, but smart.

Green Ink Radio is Going to Rock the World!

And then Gail shared that the passion project I was working on was what I should and needed to be doing. It was the entirely right path. This is my passion project. Yay, Green Ink Radio! Gail told me all this in just a few minutes. I can only imagine what sort of information she must provide during her untimed sessions. She says she goes as long as Spirit needs and does not look at the clock. After our actual interview, she described, with stunning accuracy, the ice pick headaches I get behind my right ear and says they are caused by stress. I know! She’s goooooooood.

Gail Communicates with the Spirit Realm

10055905-doorway Was she always this good? Gail Doy’s mother knew she had special sensitivities since childhood, but was at a loss as what to do with these exceptional talents. Energies called to Gail from many places, the basement, the mall, and even from houses they drove past. But it wasn’t until years later, when her Aunt Doreen facilitated her fully realizing and honing her gift, that Gail completely embraced the abilities that allow her to communicate messages from the Spirit world. Gail has learned how to raise her vibrations to a level most of us cannot attain in order to communicate with the Spirit realm. But luckily for us, we can call Gail.

Gail mediates messages between spirits of the dead and living human beings. She has perfected her extrasensory awareness and can interface with the spirits in other dimensions. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairgustant, and claircognizant. Gail is a channel between two worlds and is able to send and obtain information from the Spirit realm, and she connects the life of the ‘here and now’ to the Spirit side of life.

Gail is also an intuitive healer, but her messages may not always be of the gentle kind. She just may rattle your cage with messages from Spirit. The communication might be that you need to make radical changes and now. She won’t candy coat it, hence the Kick Butt Medium moniker. She even told one client to run!

Contact Gail to Receive Messages from the Other Side

12507421_953776148024568_4541664326220097524_n.jpgGail is available for readings via Skype, Face-time, or over the phone. You can call her at 780-966-6921 or email her at to book an appointment. Check her blog out at and her facebook page at .  You can also follow her on Twitter at @GailDoyMedium.

I strongly recommend you give Gail a call or shoot her an email. She won’t disappoint. And who knows? Gail just may end up being your new best friend, too.

Be Great & Full

Be Great and Full!

Written by Janice Messino of Create Health

Mindful Eating


Eat Joyfully


In the past several years I have become in harmony with my inner life and the mind, body connection.  Part of becoming more aware of my surroundings is realizing that I was eating unconsciously and barely tasting my food.  After a loss in my life I became aware of honoring myself by creating attractive and healthy food.  Setting a beautiful table and intuitively knowing to be grateful for the food. This is not the way things always were. I am not saying that changing was easy.  I had always read while eating alone and this was a hard habit to break. It took determination to realize the benefits of eating mindfully, this is part of living mindfully.  In addition, I started noticing that as I naturally slowed my eating and became attentive to the flavors, this gave my body time to give me clues, weight started dropping off and I finally had a realization, that eating mindfully allowed my body to balance itself in its own wisdom.  Now I understand that learning to show love for myself is eating well, by myself.

scared-eggs-2939061__340Mindless eating happens most often when we eat because of clues other than true hunger, addictive eating, which can be because of triggers to a situation, when the clock strikes 12:00, walking in the door, grocery shopping day.  Or because we are busy, distracted, stressed, in a hurry, sad, angry, impatient, lonely, or happy.  Part of learning to eat mindfully is learning to notice the signals you are receiving that make you want to eat; is it true physical hunger?  Your mind is looking for pleasure, our body is looking for nourishment.  

Mindful eating on the other hand, helps you to include awareness of the foods selected while preparing a meal.  Having inner thoughts of why you are eating, what and how much you are eating, how delicious or not the food tastes. When quietly eating our brain becomes more sensitive to the fusion of taste and smell, this will allow you to choose foods that are at the same nutritious and delightful to your senses.  In addition to having a more pleasurable experience every time you sit down to eat, mindful eating can re-energize you, so you can fully show up for your life.

Being grateful for your food allows you to be more conscious of the earth, plants, and animals.  When you take a moment to say, “thank you” we begin to reflect on what we’re doing more consciously. Be grateful for the sun, rain, the farmer and that you have access to these nourishing foods.  Be grateful for our body that works in amazing ways every time you eat and for and the energy it gives.   


Breathe Deeply


Before you start cooking, take a couple of deep breaths, breathe in to the count of four, and then breathe out to the count of six. This will help you to clear your mind and make you more conscious of what you are doing.  When you are concentrating on something like your breath or your meal, your body is unable to have stressful thoughts, this is caused by the parasympathetic response.  As in any mindful practice, what you practice grows stronger, this is known through neuro-plasticity, repeated experiences shape your brains. What do you want to grow?

Janice Messino


Create Health





It’s November 11 and that’s 11/11, even in the UK! Yeah yeah, you say, but so what? It’s just a set of two repeating digits. Whatever. In the larger scheme of things, those numbers don’t matter a bit. Do you think animals know what the date is? And what about places where dates are reckoned differently or not at all? And how do we know for sure that it’s really the 11th of November? Maybe somebody lost count way back when and it’s actually two days later?? At any rate, calendar dating is a human construct. Humans just made it up.

Calendar, Schmalendar

Yes, yes, that’s all true. Calendar dating (and time of day, for that matter) is a human construct and, although it’s based on the seasons of the year, basically random. The months could have totally different names and it will still be grim and bleak in the northern hemisphere in January. We could have assigned each day a letter or a symbol instead of a number and the moon will still cycle through its 28-day phases. Hey, it’s the 6th k’in of the 17th uinal in the 13th Baktun, according to the Mayan calendar. There’s no elevens in that!


But, unless you live by the Mayan calendar or some calendar system other than the Gregorian (which is the most widely used and accepted international calendar system at this time), today IS November 11 because the accepted calendar—and the one you live by—says that it is. You’ve accepted it into your life, you schedule your workouts by it, you make lunch dates according to it; it’s yours!

Okay, okay, you say, fine—it’s my calendar, it holds meaning for me, sure. But only for organizing my life. What’s the big deal about today being the 11th day of the 11th month?

The Big Deal

Numbers aren’t just scratches on a page. Do you have a favorite number? A lucky number? Why? How can one number stand out as more or better than another number? I remember that, when I was a kid, there were several numbers I thought of as very friendly and others that I didn’t like because of their “sharpness.” Silly kid’s stuff or was I on to something? Something like numerology?? 

The most frequently invoked figure for the basis of the ideas behind numerology is Pythagoras. That’s right, of Pythagorean Theorem fame. A philosopher and mathematician in ancient Greece, Pythagoras believed that the natural world and the universe could be understood in terms of numbers. His studies revealed that everything that exists has a sort of underlying mathematical “signature.” If you’ve ever looked into sacred geometry or Fibonacci numbers, you know what I’m talking about. And if you haven’t, do it now!


This idea goes beyond ancient Greece—many other civilizations have noted that all numbers emanate their own particular energy. And that mathematical signature of all things that I mentioned earlier? Many ancient peoples knew that the combined energies of all the numbers in that signature form a sort of vibrational symphony. The signatures of all that is, taken together, give us the song of the cosmos. That’s the Big Deal!

What Do I Do With That??


Well, first let’s take a look at the energy of 11. And then double it! Because it’s a double number, 11 is said to be a “master number.” It takes the vibration of the 1 and kicks it up a notch. An 11 as a doubled 1 has a very spiritual vibration and is sometimes referred to as the Spiritual Messenger. It brings messages of enlightenment, insight, intuition, and balance. But on 11/11, that doubled 1 becomes double doubled 1 and now we’re really kicking it up!

When it’s 11/11, it’s a good time to take a look at where you can begin to bring your life into better balance. Where does the see-saw of your life sit on the ground instead of float in the air? The 11th card of the tarot is Justice, the sign of balanced give and take. Does what you get out of each aspect of your life equal what you put into it?? Don’t be afraid to ask for more “give” from others—it’s very likely they they have been looking for a way to serve you! The human systems leans into equilibrium and your over-giving causes a dis-equilibrium that is felt on some level by all involved. And if they aren’t willing to equalize the give-and-take and are all set with their take-and-take, well, maybe it’s time to reassess that relationship.

How else can we work with 11/11 energy? Open up to your intuition. Look for ways to increase and embody your whatever spiritual practice you follow. Realign with your soul’s purpose. Work on opening your inner or third eye. Spend the day being super-aware of the symphony of the cosmos all around you by noting the signs and symbols that are being thrown into your path!


Karen M. Black

Yeah, But It’s Not 11/11 Anymore

Sure, okay, November 11 doesn’t happen every day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t work with the 11/11 vibration. Whenever you see the number 11, stop for a moment and breathe. Look around you, listen around you. Pay attention to the moment! Ask your guides or angels or inner being or who/whatever you turn to for guidance for a clear message. Reflect on what you’re dong in the moment you saw the 11 and ask yourself whether or not it’s in alignment with your truth and whether what you’re doing maintains or disrupts your balance.

The number 11 and the 11/11  combination are cosmic reminders. Even if it is later discovered that numbers have no vibrational pattern and no effect on the world around us, pausing to reflect and receive is a powerful tool for self-awareness, growth, and change. When 11 shows up in your life, make it your practice to become conscious, open up to your inner wisdom,  and show up in the present moment! It’s the little things that count the most.


To Detox or not to Detox? Meet Judy Seeger ND


 To Detox or Not, and How?

 on the fence

Feeling sluggish? Drained? Overwhelmed? Are you chronically ill? If you’re uncertain about trying and/or choosing a Detox strategy, make certain you are grounded and rooted in your own body before making a decision. There is a lot of information and opinion out there on the subject,  possibility creating more confusion than clarity.  Keep in mind that the best detox approach will come from YOU.

Making an educated decision to cleanse, not to cleanse, or how to cleanse requires more than researched fact.  What is essential to any individual’s decision relative to personal health and hygiene is that the individual ALWAYS remains in the driver’s seat (Insert medical disclaimer here). Listening to your body’s energetic response will cue you in on your best options. Your body will either expand energetically with a “Yes” or contract with a “No”.

An energetic expansion may invoke a sense of lightness in the body, a lift of the Spirit, a fresh deep breath or a feeling of peace or excitement.  An energetic contraction may provoke slumping shoulders, a sinking chest, tightening of the muscles and held breath. If you are new to this technique, ask yourself yes or no questions you know the answers to (ie Do I like spaghetti?) and ask a few times over to observe and confirm your responses.

Despite the simplicity of this natural technique for decision-making, listening energetically to your body may take some practice before you achieve a trusting level of confidence you can depend upon.

To Detox or not to Detox?

Some believe that the body is amply capable of eliminating metabolic waste through the use of its five dynamic organs (lungs, skin, kidneys, colon and liver) and is without need of additional help. Others say that current trend and marketing ploys are the forces responsible for the rising interest in the detoxification process.

But this fact is clear: Our global environment is infused with unavoidable toxins.

Toxins are lurking everywhere. They are in the air we breathe, the water we wash with and drink, the soil in which we grow our crops. There are myriads of toxins in many, if not most, of the products we use on a daily basis. So despite living a super clean lifestyle to try to keep the natural detox workload manageable, toxic overload may be unavoidable. Your five cleansing organs may not have the energy to provide and sustain you with optimum health.

Cleansing is an ancient practice. People sought out advanced detoxification long before the onset of industry and pharmaceuticals. The Ancient roman bathGreeks and Romans had their baths. The Nordic culture had their saunas. Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine developed various cleansing strategies to address the problems of toxic burden. For thousands of years, all major religions used some form cleansing as part of their Spiritual practice. This process has accompanied Human evolution.

When choosing to detox, having a competent, trustworthy and inspiring co-pilot is a wise move. Changing food habits can be an arduous task.  Our surrounding environment does not support this challenge.  I was fortunate enough to find one of the leading pioneers in alternative medicine specializing in the detox and cleansing process. Her passionate, make-no-bones-about-it Detox & Cleanse approach gives you the best odds for achieving success. Please allow me to warmly present:  Judy Seeger ND!judy sJudy grew up in New York City with European parents and poor eating habits, eventually leading to the early onset of illnesses ranging from chronic fatigue and severe back pain to migraines, dizzy spells and more.  But as her good fortune had it, she stepped into a health food store and began to take the first steps on her healing quest. She learned early on that doing a liver cleanse was not enough and that the process of detoxification included adding things to her diet and lifestyle as well as taking things away.  Fresh juices replaced soda, fresh veggies made their way into her diet.  She discovered new ways to take better care of herself and soon began to heal!

Judy trained with world-renowned healers like Master Herbalist, Dr. Christopher; Nutritionist, Dr. Bernard Jensen; and Dr. Joel Robbins. MD, DC, ND. With their guidance, she learned about the importance of naturally detoxifying the WHOLE body, not only isolated organs.  She learned that alongside the physical aspects of detoxing, there are natural supportive therapies in the mental, spiritual, emotional and energetic realm that are necessary components to attaining optimum health!

Making a Difference in Our World

Inspired and determined to make a difference in the world, Judy became a Naturopath. She worked in the field of alternative medicine for 35 years, helping thousands of people heal. Her experiences and insights led to the meticulous fine tuning of her detox process which led to the development of her 3 Step Detox System (Pre-cleanse, Detox, Post-cleanse). She soon began to realize that the number of people she could help was limited to the hours in her day.  This realization inspired an entirely new approach to her healing outreach.  She began authoring books, creating video tutorials and webinars, and designing specific programs for specific needs.  She created her space on the internet!scaleI discovered Judy online and was pleasantly surprised to get a quick response to my inquiry.  My first professional experience with her was very powerful.  My father booked an online appointment with Judy early in his terminal illness diagnosis. Her candid approach to that very difficult initial discussion gave us a very realistic choice of options, and very importantly, awakened the denial of urgency we had succumbed to in that initial shock period.  We gained hope and inspiration.

As for engaging in Judy’s one of Judy’s detox strategies, Judy stays close with you during her assist.  You will not just get lists to follow and instructions on file, you will receive direct contact with her via email and private Facebook groups.  She will honor your energetic answers and help you navigate your best way to success.  I was able to receive immediate help when questions arose during my detox process. Whether your health is in a critical state or you simply desire optimum health for enjoyment of life and for preventative measures, Judy Seegerexpert is a trustworthy go-to.  She respects where you are in your level of personal care and understands the barriers that often sabotage the best of intentions.  She encourages you to pay attention to what your own body needs and desires and will customize your journey along the way.   You can meet Judy at and discover whether a formal detox is for you!










Are You a Maniac?

What is a Maniac?

Some time ago, I was overwhelmed by how stressed I was feeling, how many deadlines loomed, and how much I needed to ground myself and meditate. But, I couldn’t get myself there. Why, you ask?  Because the monkeys had control. I have The Meditation Pillow and everything. I understood perfectly that there’s nothing stopping me but me. The Pillow is still collecting dust in my front room, forlorn, lonely, neglected, but also a raging nag. That unused Pillow is a source of guilt. I must confess, I sort of hate The Pillow.

I concluded I couldn’t engage in a regular meditation practice because I’m a Maniac. And then I thought, if I’m a maniac, there must be a lot of other people like me that also have the best intentions, but just can’t get there. We just can’t seem to acquire the habit of expanded focus and time commitment that meditation requires.


According to Merriam Webster, a Maniac is a person who behaves in an uncontrolled way, and also is a person exhibiting extreme symptoms of wild behavior. Okay, so maybe not in the classic asylum kind of way, but many of us struggle with uncontrolled worry and thoughts. Does that ring a bell? Gong a gong? Bang a drum? So, I might be getting a little carried away (hence, the need for meditation), but you get my drift.  I own up to being a Maniac. One hundred percent. Not arrogantly nor boastfully proud, but not sorry either. It just is what it is.

Are You a Maniac?

Are you often stressed out and easily distracted? Is it hard for you to settle in and settle down? Is mindfulness something you’re only vaguely aware of in theory but not in practice? Do you overthink and over worry about, well, everything? Do you have a mind that just will not shut off? If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, you just may be a Maniac. Welcome aboard.

So, What’s the Fix?

I realized at the same time that I discovered I was a Maniac that I really needed to develop a meditation technique for myself that was a quick, drive-thru approach. Think McDonalds of meditation versus the Four Seasons (Sorry, John Kabat-Zinn but we are who we are. No apologies). Meditation for Maniacs. That’s it! I had the proverbial “Ah Hah” moment. Meditation geared towards the Less than Zen.

Because we are a group of crazy risk takers,  Green Ink Radio is developing an app called Meditation for Maniacs and it will provide targeted, short meditations for all types of occasions. Asshole boss? Meditation for a Challenging Boss.  Bingo! In a traffic jam? Meditation (eyes open!) for Traffic Jams. Ba da boom!  At dinner with a pompous bore? Meditation for Patience in Social Situations.  Much calmer now.  And while we love all the Zen mindful meditations out there, what about the real world situations we encounter on a daily basis? We need some guidance and relief from those circumstances as well as transcendence and actualization meditations.

No Lotus Position Required


The Meditations for Maniacs can be performed anywhere anytime. Of course we want you to self-actualize in addition to getting through life’s daily challenges, so those options are included in the app as well. Eventually, we will progress to longer and more mindfully based practices. For those that are already there, we will have a full library of options within the app for a deeper experience. However, our first goal is to help you get through the day in a more grounded, less emotionally laden way. And we’ll escort you through each step. You are no longer alone on a mindfulness island. We’ll captain your journey so you can relax and enjoy the ride. The meditations are only a few minutes in length, they’re guided, so no more having to figure out what to do, and you can easily fit them into your day.  They are small slices of peace in our otherwise often chaotic world. Who doesn’t need that?


I bought access to a meditation app a while back, one that is very popular, and I was amazed by how expensive it was! So, Meditation for Maniacs will be far more affordable than other directive meditation  apps. It will be great to develop a community of Maniacs meditating for the very first time! Then the second! And third! And twentieth! It takes 66 days to change a habit, so I am coming on the journey with you! Let’s shoot for 66 days together! Every meditation I write (I am certified in meditation—I know—the irony isn’t wasted on me, either.) and record, I too will do. There will be daily meditations as well as circumstance specific meditations.


The benefits of even a few minutes of meditation can last throughout the day by reducing heart rates, decreasing anxiety, increasing your quality of sleep, lessening tension headaches, lowering blood pressure, strengthening your immune system, reducing PMS symptoms, and  improving airflow to your lungs. A more consistent practice will yield even greater results and is recommended to assist with traditional treatments of chronic illnesses and to increase your overall quality of life.

 Tune in to Tune Up

The app is in production, so, in the meantime, for an introductory, quick and easy breathing meditation, tune into Green Ink Radio’s Spaz on Health Episode, Meditation for Maniacs. If you follow us on Facebook, the first 20 people who like us will receive the app free for one year. Please post in the Facebook comments that you would like the free app.

We are also looking for recommendations on what you would like to see included in the Meditation for Maniacs’ app. Please post your suggestions for development on this site. We will answer every post!

See you on The Pillow. Not! (Or not yet, at least). girl-eye-wink-16602174