Gail Doy is a Kick Butt Medium

16299232_1251289894939857_3140557282697997808_nGail Doy, Spiritual Medium 

I found Gail Doy on Twitter. I chanced upon her tweet and something in her face, her energy, called to me and compelled me to message her and ask if she would be interested in being interviewed for Tag, You’re It on Green Ink Radio. It was an impetuous and bold move I had never done before. Surprisingly, and with no additional prompting, she said yes! And within one phone call and a technically-derailed interview, we became friends. There was an instant, easy familiarity between us that makes one think that certain connections are not happenstance.

To my embarrassment and frustration, the first time we were to interview, my computer and the Skype recording software went AWOL. I had experienced this only once before with Kadrolsha Ona, Queen of the Paranormal. Kadrolsha was very kind and nonchalant about it. Apparently, she explained, intuitive energy workers jam up technology all the time. That alone should lend credibility to their abilities. But oh, there’s so much more!

Gail Solves a Fifty Year Family Mystery

While Gail and I were chatting and my technology was running scared, Gail suddenly said, “There’s someone here that wants to talk with you. Are you okay with this?” Hell, yeah! Mom? Mom, are you there? Mmmmooooooommmm? No Mom. Nary a peep.

My sister, who is a little clair-pain-in-the-ass-ant herself, later told me that she kept having sightings of her at slot machines that weekend while in Atlantic City. That is so my mother—gambling instead of talking with her daughter! So, while my mom was blowing me off to gamble with my sister, the grandfather I barely knew came to visit.

He passed away when I was five. I remember the day he died vividly, my mother receiving the phone call, crying out, her knees buckling out from underneath her, her slow motion slide to the ground in a boneless puddle of shock and grief, her agony of sorrow slashed across her face and indelibly imprinted on my child’s brain for the eternity of this lifetime.

My virtual stranger of a grandfather’s message was one of love. He had been and continues to watch over me my entire life (that may explain a lot of my bonehead near misses). She said he was insistent that he wanted me to know that he had an excruciating pain across his forehead. He kept showing her his forehead and Gail began to feel extreme pain in that area. He had died suddenly in his yard when he was 60 years old and no one knew the cause of death. We had always assumed a heart attack or an aneurysm. It looks like it must have been either an aneurysm or a massive stroke.

She also said there was something wrong with his stomach. My mother enjoyed sharing the story of how my grandfather was plagued with ulcers and cured himself when she was young the old Spanish way (he was from Spain) with raw garlic. And during the time of the natural treatment, he reeked of garlic. It came out of every pore. Garlic being a natural antibiotic, the Spaniards were centuries ahead of modern medicine. Stinky, but smart.

Green Ink Radio is Going to Rock the World!

And then Gail shared that the passion project I was working on was what I should and needed to be doing. It was the entirely right path. This is my passion project. Yay, Green Ink Radio! Gail told me all this in just a few minutes. I can only imagine what sort of information she must provide during her untimed sessions. She says she goes as long as Spirit needs and does not look at the clock. After our actual interview, she described, with stunning accuracy, the ice pick headaches I get behind my right ear and says they are caused by stress. I know! She’s goooooooood.

Gail Communicates with the Spirit Realm

10055905-doorway Was she always this good? Gail Doy’s mother knew she had special sensitivities since childhood, but was at a loss as what to do with these exceptional talents. Energies called to Gail from many places, the basement, the mall, and even from houses they drove past. But it wasn’t until years later, when her Aunt Doreen facilitated her fully realizing and honing her gift, that Gail completely embraced the abilities that allow her to communicate messages from the Spirit world. Gail has learned how to raise her vibrations to a level most of us cannot attain in order to communicate with the Spirit realm. But luckily for us, we can call Gail.

Gail mediates messages between spirits of the dead and living human beings. She has perfected her extrasensory awareness and can interface with the spirits in other dimensions. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairgustant, and claircognizant. Gail is a channel between two worlds and is able to send and obtain information from the Spirit realm, and she connects the life of the ‘here and now’ to the Spirit side of life.

Gail is also an intuitive healer, but her messages may not always be of the gentle kind. She just may rattle your cage with messages from Spirit. The communication might be that you need to make radical changes and now. She won’t candy coat it, hence the Kick Butt Medium moniker. She even told one client to run!

Contact Gail to Receive Messages from the Other Side

12507421_953776148024568_4541664326220097524_n.jpgGail is available for readings via Skype, Face-time, or over the phone. You can call her at 780-966-6921 or email her at to book an appointment. Check her blog out at and her facebook page at .  You can also follow her on Twitter at @GailDoyMedium.

I strongly recommend you give Gail a call or shoot her an email. She won’t disappoint. And who knows? Gail just may end up being your new best friend, too.

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