An Oracle for Everyone

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Each one of us has an experience of being human that is particular to who we are at our core and what we’ve lived over time. But we also share with each other the peculiar experience of being human, of being a unique consciousness that exists within (and, arguably, without) a body on this planet and in three-dimensional space. Becoming aware of ourselves as existing with a body that is separate from the body within which we were gestated is one common aspect of being human. And once we find ourselves inhabiting a body of our own, we are tasked with learning how to care for and feed that body, which is another commonality of the human condition that we all share.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 8.16.10 PMAnother persistent aspect of the human condition is a need for stability; a desire to keep things running smoothly with as few disruptions to our “normal” life as possible. Or, more accurately, no disruptions at all, ever! If you’ve lived as a human for any amount of time, you know that this ideal is far from the reality of everyday life. Most of us live through times of disorder and disarray in our personal lives. And most of us have thought, Wow, if only I’d seen that coming! Because if we had seen it coming, we could have been better prepared and being better prepared would have cut down on the chaos and confusion that resulted from not being prepared and then we could have sailed right through whatever it was like a champ!

Let the Dust Settle!

One method for getting a heads up on what’s coming our way is divination. Divination has been used by humans all over the globe and as far back as we have evidence for human life. There are countless forms of divination, ranging from Abacomancy (through Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 8.19.13 PMstudying dust) to Zygomancy (through studying weights). Consulting an oracle—someone or something that can connect with the deity(ies) or spirits—has a long history in human culture. You’ve probably heard of the Oracle at Delphi, even if you’re not sure of what exactly it was. Delphi was a location in ancient Greece where a priestess would go into trance and receive messages from the god Apollo. Those messages were interpreted by the priests of Delphi and delivered as prophecies to those seeking answers.

The Oracle at Delphi is probably the most well-known oracle system in western culture, but there are many other oracle systems from many other parts of the world. Some oracles weren’t people, but statues. Typically a representation of a god or goddess, the statue would move or speak or make some kind of sound that could then be interpreted by the experts in such things. In some oracle systems, like incubation, it was the person seeking the prophecy who was the oracle. They would sleep in a section of a temple or other sacred place (sometimes wrapped in a fresh sacrificial animal skin) and receive their answer in dream form.

One of the most ancient oracle methods comes from China and requires that a turtle shell or shoulder blade of an ox be inscribed with a question and then burned until it Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 8.05.44 PMcracked. The cracks were then interpreted and an answer transcribed. Many African cultures see the oracle as someone with a strong connection to their own spirit double. The diviner and their client may hold hands or both hold a stick and the movement of the hands or stick are interpreted for messages. Some diviners in certain African oracle systems work as pairs, using chains of seed shells cast on the ground, each interpreting the other’s chain and effectively “doubling” the answer. Some indigenous cultures in the Americas used grains of corn for Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 8.06.55 PMdivination, which were thrown onto a white cloth or into water. The kernels were then interpreted based on where and how they landed. This was actually a pretty common method in many cultures, with variations in what was thrown: sand, beads, shells, stones, bones, dice, and so on.

What’s Your Oracle?

Many of these oracle systems are still practiced today. The stars and celestial events (such as eclipses and comets) have been looked to for information about the past, present, and future by just about every known culture for thousands of years and is still widely accepted as valid or, at the very least, intriguing. Free of the stigma usually attached to tarot cards, oracle cards have become a very popular way of gaining insight into a situation or circumstance. The ever-increasing numbers of oracle card decks, featuring themes from a nearly countless number of inclinations and belief systems, speak to our enduring conviction that there is some way to know what’s happening next. And also to our boundless optimism that we can be, somehow, better prepared for it when it comes. 

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To hear more about oracle cards and how they can work for you, check out the latest Tarot Talk podcast.

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What Will 2018 Bring?


It’s the big question of the New Year—what’s to come?? Love and romance? Big adventure? More money? Better health? A new home? Great happiness? An appealing exercise regimen?? The possibilities dazzle our imagination, inspiring many of us to set intentions that we solemnly resolve to fulfill with fresh zeal and vigor starting January 1st and continuing throughout the year without fail.

How’s that working out for you?

Setting an intention to achieve a goal has been proven to work remarkably well. When we back a desire with our will and step into the feeling of what we want, we can change our lives. So why can’t we stick to our New Year’s resolutions?? Why does our zeal and vigor fizzle out before February even hits?

Some researchers say that we set big, game-changing resolutions at the new year and, indoing so, set ourselves up fpexels-photo-110473.jpegor failure. Sticking to large-scale goals demands a great deal of commitment and discipline. It’s pretty unrealistic to expect ourselves to suddenly turn on a dime and make all the big changes that we hadn’t been able to manage making any headway on all year. Other reasons why New Year’s resolutions fail are: impatience; not believing in ourselves; little to no social support; time management issues; financial difficulties; not having a plan; or focusing on the negative.

Now what??

First of all, the “new year” is only a new year because we’re told that it is. Western culture has created a division in time called a “year” and January 1 was chosen as its starting point. This is said to have started in 45 BCE with Julius Caesar, who changed the caesars-palace-las-vegas-hotel-casino-40655.jpegcalendar from lunar to solar and set January as the start of the year. The symbolism worked—Janus was the god of gates and had one face looking forward and one face looking back—but the reasoning was weak. January 1st was merely the day that the newly-elected consuls started their year-long term. After Rome fell, some countries set the new year on Spring Equinox; some set it on Christmas day; some set it on Easter. Pope Gregory put an end to the free-for-all by designing a new calendar (the Gregorian calendar, natch), and most of Western culture got on board eventually.

But what are the ramifications of setting the beginning of a new year based on political expedient rather than the wheel of the year? In the northern hemisphere, January is a terrible time for rebirth and renewal! The natural world is largely cold, bleak, and dead.Even in warmer areas, the days are shorter, the sun is weaker, and new growth falters.In the southern hemisphere, January is full blazing summer at its peak. The days are long, the sun is strong, new growth is all around, but it’s not the beginning of anything. It’s the climax before the denouement.


Is the season the real reason?

Many cultures begin their new year in March or April, a time of year that seems, in the northern hemisphere, far more appropriate to new beginnings. In the southern hemisphere, however, March and April herald autumn and hint at the winter ahead. The new year there would more appropriately start in September or October. But no!! We can’t have half the world on a different year!! That wouldn’t do at all.

What’s a determined intention-setter to do?

The best way to set an intention and have it come to fruition is to follow your own calendar. Know your numerological influences and your astrological chart. Familiarize yourself with the general numerology and astrology of the day, week, month, and year. Set yourself up for success by working with the energy of the natural world and your sacred contracts rather than against them or in complete ignorance of them.

Get started with Mystic Kat’s podcast The Year to Come 2018 for a full year tarot card reading at And maybe make yourself your own calendar à la Julius Caesar. What gives him the right to legislate your renewal? Take ownership of your transformation process and start the year on your own terms!



Corbie Mitleid Delivers Messages from the Other Side

Spirit is Everywhere

CAM11471 copy (1)Corbie Mitleid’s is such a gifted psychic and intuitive medium that she has a worldwide following, completing well over a thousand readings a year (in addition to teaching, providing psychic parties, performing speaking events, and authoring books). Corbie resides in New York, and performs most of her readings remotely. Apparently, Spirit is everywhere and long distance sessions do not impede accurate readings from occurring (even if the sitting is an international one!). Any limits imposed are fashioned by our own perceptions; we are the ones that define time and space as linear, not Source Energy.

Cool news for all of us is that she is willing to bring her talents to our door!

Corbie hopes to guide us to our own Cosmic Truth and align ourselves with Source Energy in order to live a life of love, miracles, and joy. Corbie has over 40 years’ experience in providing psychic readings, intuitive counseling, tarot and oracle card readings, and channeling messages from the other side and from our own divinity. Newsflash: She’s currently offering a New Year’s Special of two readings for the price of one!

Her messages on this plane are to dig in and discover your purpose, release your blocks from your present and past lives, open to communications from your spirit guides, and to even receive the wisdom from your own higher self that you currently may be a little tone deaf in receiving. With Corbie’s help, we can all access the courage to seek the insight and direction available to us. Check out her wonderful interview on Tag You’re It on Green Ink Radio to learn exactly how this all happens.

Past Lives Matter

A brilliant talent that Corbie has is providing detailed past life retrieval and analysis. What if we have blocks that we don’t even know about and remain stuck in previous life muck? As a past life regression hypnotist, I can attest how powerful and healing past life work can be. But this is a different approach, with all the benefits sans any of the risks of past life regression hypnosis. Let me explain further: you don’t have to experience your previous life first hand, Corbie will do the hard work for you and your past life story can unfold without you having to be directly involved in it. Sort of like having a story read to you about yourself before you were this you. Sometimes, during hypnosis a person can experience intense emotions, called an abreaction. As a therapist and hypnotherapist, I can bring you out of the experience or have you rise above it and view it as a movie or even have you stay in it if there is therapeutic value to having you work all the way through it. However, Corbie’s method reduces any risk of an abreaction happening as she is the one accessing your memories for you.

Clean Out Your LifeCloset

While Corbie is intensely tuned into alternate energies, she is also extremely grounded in this world, too. Her book, Clean Out Your LifeCloset is a no bullshit self-help book (with a great Kirkus Review). I bought both the Audible and paperback versions (hey, it was for research!).  I purchased the Audible version, so I can multitask while listening, and the paperback in order to complete the end of the chapter assignments in the four main areas: achieving clarity, simplifying your life and living with less, learning to adapt, and using stress as a growing tool. I’m so glad that I bought the Audible version since Corbie is a talented voice actor. I usually dislike when the author reads his or her own work (I am an audio book junkie) because they are usually pretty stiff and expressionless. Not Corbie; she’s a pro (so much so, I would hire her to read my own imaginary book). It’s a great read with abundant practical advice on how to realize the best you and free yourself of useless stuff.

Corbie’s path to finding her true life course has been as challenging as anyone’s, perhaps more: unsuccessful marriages, several different career trajectories, fighting breast cancer three times, familial abuse, and economic privations. However, despite these trials, she exemplifies the examined life with grit, humor, and more than a little metaphysical magic. She is one of us, teaching herself how to connect with higher energies and is unequivocally reassuring that we too can access our Spirit Guides with a little help and elbow grease.

Alice’s Rabbit Hole


Check out her website for further information, but I warn you, her website is so intriguing, it’s sort of like Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole, once you fall into it, the enchantment holds you far longer than you intended.








Gail Doy is a Kick Butt Medium

16299232_1251289894939857_3140557282697997808_nGail Doy, Spiritual Medium 

I found Gail Doy on Twitter. I chanced upon her tweet and something in her face, her energy, called to me and compelled me to message her and ask if she would be interested in being interviewed for Tag, You’re It on Green Ink Radio. It was an impetuous and bold move I had never done before. Surprisingly, and with no additional prompting, she said yes! And within one phone call and a technically-derailed interview, we became friends. There was an instant, easy familiarity between us that makes one think that certain connections are not happenstance.

To my embarrassment and frustration, the first time we were to interview, my computer and the Skype recording software went AWOL. I had experienced this only once before with Kadrolsha Ona, Queen of the Paranormal. Kadrolsha was very kind and nonchalant about it. Apparently, she explained, intuitive energy workers jam up technology all the time. That alone should lend credibility to their abilities. But oh, there’s so much more!

Gail Solves a Fifty Year Family Mystery

While Gail and I were chatting and my technology was running scared, Gail suddenly said, “There’s someone here that wants to talk with you. Are you okay with this?” Hell, yeah! Mom? Mom, are you there? Mmmmooooooommmm? No Mom. Nary a peep.

My sister, who is a little clair-pain-in-the-ass-ant herself, later told me that she kept having sightings of her at slot machines that weekend while in Atlantic City. That is so my mother—gambling instead of talking with her daughter! So, while my mom was blowing me off to gamble with my sister, the grandfather I barely knew came to visit.

He passed away when I was five. I remember the day he died vividly, my mother receiving the phone call, crying out, her knees buckling out from underneath her, her slow motion slide to the ground in a boneless puddle of shock and grief, her agony of sorrow slashed across her face and indelibly imprinted on my child’s brain for the eternity of this lifetime.

My virtual stranger of a grandfather’s message was one of love. He had been and continues to watch over me my entire life (that may explain a lot of my bonehead near misses). She said he was insistent that he wanted me to know that he had an excruciating pain across his forehead. He kept showing her his forehead and Gail began to feel extreme pain in that area. He had died suddenly in his yard when he was 60 years old and no one knew the cause of death. We had always assumed a heart attack or an aneurysm. It looks like it must have been either an aneurysm or a massive stroke.

She also said there was something wrong with his stomach. My mother enjoyed sharing the story of how my grandfather was plagued with ulcers and cured himself when she was young the old Spanish way (he was from Spain) with raw garlic. And during the time of the natural treatment, he reeked of garlic. It came out of every pore. Garlic being a natural antibiotic, the Spaniards were centuries ahead of modern medicine. Stinky, but smart.

Green Ink Radio is Going to Rock the World!

And then Gail shared that the passion project I was working on was what I should and needed to be doing. It was the entirely right path. This is my passion project. Yay, Green Ink Radio! Gail told me all this in just a few minutes. I can only imagine what sort of information she must provide during her untimed sessions. She says she goes as long as Spirit needs and does not look at the clock. After our actual interview, she described, with stunning accuracy, the ice pick headaches I get behind my right ear and says they are caused by stress. I know! She’s goooooooood.

Gail Communicates with the Spirit Realm

10055905-doorway Was she always this good? Gail Doy’s mother knew she had special sensitivities since childhood, but was at a loss as what to do with these exceptional talents. Energies called to Gail from many places, the basement, the mall, and even from houses they drove past. But it wasn’t until years later, when her Aunt Doreen facilitated her fully realizing and honing her gift, that Gail completely embraced the abilities that allow her to communicate messages from the Spirit world. Gail has learned how to raise her vibrations to a level most of us cannot attain in order to communicate with the Spirit realm. But luckily for us, we can call Gail.

Gail mediates messages between spirits of the dead and living human beings. She has perfected her extrasensory awareness and can interface with the spirits in other dimensions. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairgustant, and claircognizant. Gail is a channel between two worlds and is able to send and obtain information from the Spirit realm, and she connects the life of the ‘here and now’ to the Spirit side of life.

Gail is also an intuitive healer, but her messages may not always be of the gentle kind. She just may rattle your cage with messages from Spirit. The communication might be that you need to make radical changes and now. She won’t candy coat it, hence the Kick Butt Medium moniker. She even told one client to run!

Contact Gail to Receive Messages from the Other Side

12507421_953776148024568_4541664326220097524_n.jpgGail is available for readings via Skype, Face-time, or over the phone. You can call her at 780-966-6921 or email her at to book an appointment. Check her blog out at and her facebook page at .  You can also follow her on Twitter at @GailDoyMedium.

I strongly recommend you give Gail a call or shoot her an email. She won’t disappoint. And who knows? Gail just may end up being your new best friend, too.